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New Norwegian technology helping to solve waste problems in ports and rivers

Waste in the sea is a huge problem, and we also see it impacting our ports and harbours. The most important solution to this problem is to stop littering but that is not easy so we have a solution to collect the increasing amount of Marine Litters.

Humans add about 8 million tons of trash to our oceans every year. About 70% of it sinks to the bottom, 15% ends up on beaches and 15% floats around in the water.

Garbage consists mainly of plastic and causes problems for both humans and animals. Dirty beaches look ugly to people and cost society money in lost tourism revenue and cleanup costs.

PortBin is an automated Marine Litter Collector/Bin which automatically collects floating garbage/trash/waste/litter at ports. This is an astonishing New Norwegian technology which helps to solve marine litter issues which is critical issue currently.

Littering is having an impact on water quality at port. Some areas are becoming increasingly polluted. And the goal of this Port Bin is to collect most of the marine litter that floats on water surfaces and encourage the adoption of a simple, effective cleaning tool that will bring environmental and social benefits.




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